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Introducing our Digital Art Add-On:

Now you can immortalize your custom watercolor pet portrait in the digital realm. Opt for the Digital File option, and alongside your physical masterpiece, receive a high-resolution JPG, PNG, and PDF version of your artwork.

Perfect for those who want to explore various ways to cherish their furry friend's memory digitally—whether it's creating a custom blanket, sharing copies with family, or exploring other personal projects.

Please note, these digital files are for personal use only and cannot be printed for any commercial products without consulting Mandy Dudley and paying a commercial licensing fee. It's a wonderful way to extend the reach of your cherished pet's portrait while respecting the integrity of the artwork.

Important: This Digital Art Add-On cannot be purchased separately; it is exclusively available as an addition to your custom watercolor pet portrait order. All artwork is copyright of Mandy Dudley Art, and may not be altered physically or digitally. The digital files included are for personal use only, non-transferable, and may not be shared, resold, or distributed in any form. Embrace the versatility of your custom creation—order the Digital Art Add-On and bring your pet's memory to life in the digital world while respecting the artist's rights and craftsmanship.

Looking for more than a pet portrait?

Seeking something beyond the ordinary pet portrait? Let's turn your imaginative ideas into a reality. I thrive on creative challenges and would love to discuss your vision for a custom project. Share your thoughts, and let's craft a one-of-a-kind masterpiece together.